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Lymphatic Drainage for After Surgery


        The surgical effect of liposuction and most kinds of plastic surgery on the lymphatics is unique.  They disrupt or destroy most lymphatic capillaries within the targeted adipose tissue. Fortunately, lymphatic damage from liposuction and plastic surgery is not usually permanent; lymphatic capillaries regenerate several months after being damaged by a liposuction.

        Lymphedema is edema caused by inadequate lymphatic function resulting from the lack of development, destruction, or obstruction of lymph vessels of lymph nodes. These causes  include primary lymphedema from impaired development of lymphatics and secondary lymphedema from acquired physical destruction (surgery, radiation, infection) or obstruction (malignancy, parasitic infection)

      Secondary post-liposuction lymphedema is unique in the fact that it does resolve typically in 7-12 months.

        Lymphedema is the result of a failure of the lymphatics to remove large-molecular-weight proteins from the interstitial space.

        Although both blood and lymphatic capillaries reabsorb interstitial water, the lymphatic capillaries are the only rout for absorbing proteins from interstitial tissue. NO other route is available for the removal of excessive interstitial fluid proteins

        Lymph capillary injury is an inevitable consequence of liposuction and plastic surgery, but the extent and duration of lymphedema can be significantly reduced by postoperative care. Early and continued efforts to clear out as much blood-tinged anesthetic fluid as soon are immediately beneficial.

        Since the lymphatic system is the area of surgery is not working properly, when we are working with this type of surgery, we must help recreate the pathways manually move the lymph to healthy areas. Lymphatic drainage therapy help you clear out lymphatic fluid, heal the lymphatic system, and help re-educate your system for optimal function.

Should I get lymphatic drainage before my surgery? 

Yes, the best way to prepare for a successful surgery is to get the “ground” ready with a minimum of 1-2 lymphatic drainage sessions.

This will help to clear out any toxins and debris. As well as enhance the proper function of the lymphatic system, as if you were unclogging a drain. Nice clean pipes can handle more flow.

Will you re-open my sutures to drain fluid?

No, once you make it back home from your surgery, we will not re-open the sutures; instead using Lymphatic manual drainage techniques we are able to assist the flow of fluid away from a swollen area and towards the kidneys so you can basically pee it out

How many lymphatic massages will I need after Liposuction?

Healing is a process and takes time; that being said the number of sessions and length depends on what kind of surgery and how drastic the surgery was.  We recommend that you start with buying our 12 session package then we can re-evaluate after those initial sessions and depending on your healing and the type of surgery your therapist will let you know what they recommend. It is very important and recommended that you continue with your lymphatic drainage sessions for several months to help re-educate and regenerate your lymphatic system.

What to expect from a post op lymphatic massage session

Your therapist will be using light strokes moving the skin to move the fluid to the areas it needs to go so it can move through the ducks to your kidneys and be eliminated through urine, while encouraging your lymphatic system to release and heal. Your therapist will also use some manual manipulation techniques to reduce “tight” or “hard spots” that have started to form before they become permanent and helps to stop more from forming.

Post-op lymphatic drainage massages are crucial to purify your lymph system and liberate it from an excess of fluid. It is all about cleansing your skin from bad stuff that get stuck, breaking up tissue and fibrosis (hard) spots and is the ultimate skin detox


   60 Minutes.......................$75

   12 - 60 Minutes ...............$885

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Enhances circulation

  • Improves lymph flow, which decreases swelling and edema

  • Decreases bruising

  • Prevent and decrease severity of Fibrosis

  • Decreased scaring

  • Increase comfort and movement

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved recovery time

  • Eliminates toxins from the body including anesthesia and cellular debris

  • Promotes the healing of incisions

  • Carries white blood cells and proteins to the blood

  • Improves overall results of liposuction surgery of any kind

  • The skin and tissues are hydrated more efficiently, thus achieving a better appearance

  • Improves overall health of the body

  • Accelerates the healing of skin and tissues

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Reduces swelling and pain after any surgery

  • Shortens recovery time

  • Diminishes the appearance of scars

Some procedures that Post-op lymphatic drainage massage will help are:

  • Liposuction

  • BBL procedures

  • Tummy Tuck

  • Facelift

  • Neck-lift

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Breast augmentation

  • Breast reduction

  • And many many more

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