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Do's and Don't of Massage Therapy

DO NOT make an effort. Make up will get smudged, fake tan will stain the linen, hair will get messed up and greasy, jewelry will get in the way, and strong perfume can be overpowering in a small room. And although every client gets a completely fresh set of sheets, the smell of perfume does linger.

DO make sure to make your appointment ahead of time. A good massage therapist is a busy massage therapist and that means that they will often book up weeks ahead of time so do make sure that you call plenty enough ahead of time.

DO NOT be afraid to speak up. Whether you want firmer or lighter pressure, you are too hot or too cold, you are uncomfortable in the way you are lying, you do not like a particular technique, or you need to go to the bathroom half way through your massage….. the treatment is all about you, and our number one priority is your comfort and getting the absolute perfect treatment for you. So, do speak up, and do not feel you are being rude by doing so. We will not think you are a pain in the backside if you speak up once, twice, or even a thousand times during your treatment.

DO make sure you are a few minutes early for your appointment. This gives you time to fill out any papers that may need to be filled out, to talk to the therapist and get in the room and on the table for your full massage. Your therapist will have people before you and people in after you. So, the simple courtesy of being on time for your pre-booked appointment will mean everything will run smoothly for everyone involved.

DO NOT come in sick. Although this should be common sense, A lot of people still come in for a treatment when they are sick. This is NEVER a good idea. Colds, flu’s, fevers, infections, and stomach bugs are all contraindications for massage. Not only do you risk infecting the practitioner (we really don’t want your germs) but in most cases, the symptoms of your sickness will increase in severity after a massage and your body temperature will rise. Please stay home until you are well and fully over your illness.

DO shower. Personal hygiene is much appreciated by all massage therapists! So take a shower the morning before your massage or before the massage its self if you have been exercising, its been a hot day and you have been sweating, or if you have been active enough to perspire. Remember this skin to skin contact and any dirt or sweat left on you is going to be rubbed back into your pores

DO NOT eat too soon before your massage. Just like swimming, it is best to wait an hour after eating before you have a massage otherwise the massage could cause issues with digestion and cause you an upset stomach

DO expect to have some sort of intake at each appointment, sometimes this will be verbal and other times you will need to fill out paperwork or update your paperwork.

DO NOT be embarrassed if you let a little gas loose it is completely natural as the body is relaxing.

DO be considerate. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment please contact your massage therapist as soon as you know you will not be able to attend. Do Keep in mind our Cancellation policy that states any appointment canceled less than 24 hours and any no call no shows you are responsible for full payment of appointment

DO NOT be body conscious. We are muscle experts, and muscles come in all shapes and sizes, and while giving a treatment we visualize the body on an anatomical level. We do not care if you have a muffin top, bingo wings, or moobs! As the owner of your body you should be thankful imperfections and all, that is has functioned so well as to bring you to our massage table, and while your there we will do our best to make you feel at ease and comfortable, and once the massage treatment has started, you will forget all about your body worries.

DO make your session your own. Some people like to chat all through their treatment and that is fine. Others prefer silence and your therapist will not take offence to you saying so. Do not feel you have to talk to fill the silence. Enjoy the music and relax we are quite happy focusing on the work we are doing on your muscles. Also it is important to be open with your therapist, discuss sensitivities, injuries, and chronic problems that can be addressed through your treatment. If you have health concerns, it is a good idea to discuss them with your doctor and with the receptionist when making your appointment

DO NOT go for a heavy workout. It is always best to wait for 24hrs after a massage before going and doing and intense workout session. After a deep tissue massage your tissues are inflamed and tender, exercise will only add to this inflammation. Let your muscles recover before getting back to exercise regime to avoid strain or injury. Make sure you get your workout in before your massage but Please shower.

DO be open with your therapist about your conditions, injuries, state of health. Massage therapists need to know health changes clients possess. Massage therapy directly impacts all body systems including circulatory, nervous, digestive, and muscular. A therapist needs to know changes in a client’s medical conditions, injury status, and overall state of health to be aware of contraindications and modifications to bodywork

DO NOT worry about body hair. Hairy legs, armpits, chest, backs….. we don’t care. Don’t feel embarrassed if you haven’t had time or forgotten to de-hair before your appointment. If you shave too close to your appointment massage can actually cause irritation. So, we do appreciate the effort, but please do not feel obliged.

 DOrespect that we are professionals. Although at some point during your treatment you may find our thumbs firmly planted in your buttocks or use techniques that involve a lot of conduct…… These are strictly approved professional massage techniques, and NO we do not provide “extras”

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